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12 ‘High’-End Products Perfect for Celebrating 4/20

By John Sciarrino / Published on Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 05:00 AM / Comments Off on 12 ‘High’-End Products Perfect for Celebrating 4/20 / 4 views

It’s unlikely that you’ll be using Shine’s gold rollers for your daily spliff, but having these around for special occasions is the pot equivalent of keeping a bottle of Dom Perignon around to pop for a celebration. (Buy)  

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The recent wave of marijuana legalization across America has brought about a new renaissance of cannabis consuming products and accessories. Long gone are the days of blacklight posters and tacky acrylic bongs that were best suited for a dorm room.
To mark that highest of holidays, 4/20, check out the most lustworthy high-end pot products for stoners with discerning taste in the slideshow above.

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