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Nicole Eggert Says Scott Baio's Harassing Her with Phone Calls, He Calls BS

By TMZ Staff / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 00:40 AM / Comments Off on Nicole Eggert Says Scott Baio's Harassing Her with Phone Calls, He Calls BS / 8 views

Nicole Eggert Scott’s Harassing Me with Calls … He Calls BS


Nicole Eggert says Scott Baio is blowing up her phone on the heels of her going to cops with sexual abuse allegations against him — something he flatly denies — and now she’s rolling with security.

We got Nicole Sunday at the L.A. Farmer’s Market, where she was flanked by some huge dudes who she says she hired to help protect her and her fam from Scott — especially since she claims he’s been harassing her on the phone as of late.

Nicole claims Scott’s been hounding her and telling her to stop the public shaming and just talk to the cops — which she did last week when she met with LAPD detectives and filed a police report

Scott’s rep tells TMZ, he has not called Nicole — not even once — since she made her allegations. The rep says what’s more, Scott recently changed his number, so if someone is calling her she needs to look elsewhere.

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There’s also this … Nicole says there are more cast members that are also coming forward against Baio. Again, for the record … he’s completely denied her accusations.

Nicole also tells us if she’d like to see Baio in jail.

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