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Lindsay Lohan Steps Out to Film Reality Show in Greece

By TMZ Staff / Published on Thursday, 09 Aug 2018 05:15 AM / Comments Off on Lindsay Lohan Steps Out to Film Reality Show in Greece / 8 views

Lindsay Lohan Struts Her Stuff on Reality Show … Shrugs Off Haters

Lindsay Lohan isn’t letting the backlash from her recent comments on the #MeToo movement keep her from doing her thing in Greece.

Lindsay was spotted Wednesday heading out to film her new MTV reality show, “Lohan Beach Club,” in Mykonos. She was smiling and wearing a floral sheer dress with a Moschino belt. 

The “Mean Girls” star recently slammed the #MeToo accusers, calling them weak in an interview with The Times. But it doesn’t look like the actress is too worried about her comments.

The good news … Lindsay’s back on her feet after being hobbled by a bum ankle during filming. 

The reality show, set to launch in 2019, follows LiLo as she runs her day and nightclub on the Greek isles.

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