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Lil Yachty Says He Keeps Hitting Up Donald Glover for 'Atlanta' Role

By TMZ Staff / Published on Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 04:00 AM / No Comments / 7 views

Lil Yachty I’d Love a Weird Role on ‘Atlanta’ Donald Glover Knows Too


Lil Yachty is ready to give Hollywood a shot, and already knows his dream role … if he could just get Donald Glover to put him on his hit show, “Atlanta.”

We got the ATL-born rapper Tuesday at the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament near DTLA, where we broke the news to him that “Atlanta” got renewed for a 3rd season.

Yachty told us he was supposed to guest star in season 1 — but, for some reason, things fell through … and he’s been dying to get on ever since. He says he “annoys” Glover about it whenever he sees him now. No dice so far, though.

[embedded content]

As for what kind of character he’d like to play, Yachty says anything but a rapper. And by anything … he could mean drug dealers, drug addicts, goons and the like. 

There’s certainly unique roles like that to be had on the series. Ya listening, Don?

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