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Dean Cain Says NFL Players Should Take Trump Up on Pardon Offer

By TMZ Staff / Published on Sunday, 10 Jun 2018 10:54 AM / Comments Off on Dean Cain Says NFL Players Should Take Trump Up on Pardon Offer / 13 views

Dean Cain Make Your Lists, NFL Stars … Take Trump Up on Pardon Offer!


Dean Cain says President Trump‘s offer to listen to protesting NFL players on who they’d like to see pardoned is a great opportunity … and one not to be missed.

The ‘Superman’ star made an interesting point Sunday at LAX — telling us that players who are kneeling against an unjust criminal justice system on the field should get up, and walk into the White House … considering DT’s apparently leaving the door wide open for talks.

As we reported … the Prez said he’d be willing to take pardon recommendations from NFL players — even the kneeling ones — suggesting that would address the issues they’re protesting.

Dean’s also got a hot take on the National Anthem protests in general nearly 2 years after Colin Kaepernick got it started, saying the focus has shifted dramatically since then.

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