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'Roseanne' Reboot Has a Major Hang-up … Roseanne Barr

By TMZ Staff / Published on Saturday, 09 Jun 2018 00:50 AM / Comments Off on 'Roseanne' Reboot Has a Major Hang-up … Roseanne Barr / 12 views

‘Roseanne’ Reboot There’s One Big Hang-Up … Roseanne!!!


ABC is still all-in on moving forward with a second “Roseanne” reboot — this one revolving around Sara Gilbert‘s character — but there’s a major issue to resolve … ownership.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ … because Roseanne Barr created the show with the original executive producers, she has a financial stake in it and its characters. It’s unclear which specific ones she created, but we’re told the network is doing its due diligence to avoid a lawsuit.

It’s very possible, we’re told, that Roseanne could put her foot down and say there will be no revamped reboot unless she gets a piece of the pie. However, if she’s making dough off the new version, it defeats the purpose of canceling the show after her racist comment.

We broke the story … ABC execs kicked negotiations into high gear earlier this week in hopes of announcing the new show ASAP, but now we know — there’s more work to do.

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