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See Fall Out Boy's Goofy Infomercial Music Video for 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)'

By Rolling Stone Staff / Published on Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 08:51 AM / Comments Off on See Fall Out Boy's Goofy Infomercial Music Video for 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)' / 10 views

Fall Out Boy battle unrequited love with loud, hooky guitars on their new song “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).” The track is the latest single from their upcoming album, Mania.

Fall Out Boy’s recent singles encompass modern production trends with electronic dance music flourishes and breezy pop. In contrast, “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” is a straightforward barrage of crunchy guitar riffs and arena-ready “whoa-oh-whoa’s.” “There’s nothing more cruel than to be loved by everybody but you,” Patrick Stump sings, not sounding the least bit upset.

In the clip, Fall Out Boy film a fake informercial for a stream of ridiculous products – “holy miracle water,” “crap in a glass” – and even band members: Stump is up for sale as “the perfect family friend.” The video also makes room for two dancers in llama suits.

Mania was originally supposed to come out in 2016, but the band decided to delay the record’s release. “The songs were trying to serve everybody, but they weren’t going to be compelling to anybody,” bassist Pete Wentz told Rolling Stone. The group rewrote most of the album last summer, and the new version of the LP is due out January 19th.

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