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Watch Exclusive, Unsettling 'The Prodigy' Clip: What Did You Do?

By / Published on Thursday, 07 Feb 2019 10:00 AM / Comments Off on Watch Exclusive, Unsettling 'The Prodigy' Clip: What Did You Do? / 11 views

Young Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) is every mother’s dream of a son: his intelligence is off the charts. Really, he can accurately be decribed as The Prodigy. But when his behavior crosses the line and becomes disturbing, maybe even dangerous, his mother Sarah (Taylor Schilling) becomes increasingly concerned. She even wonders if something supernatural may be affecting him.

In our exclusive clip, Sarah follows a trail of blood, only to uncover something that is truly upsetting. She then realizes Miles has quietly walked up behind her, carrying a hammer, which only adds to her anxiety.

Watch the clip below and get tickets, if you dare. The Prodigy will open in theaters everywhere on Friday, February 8.

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