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Watch Exclusive 'Pick of the Litter' Trailer

By / Published on Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 10:00 AM / No Comments / 7 views

Pick of the Litter

Why are guide dogs for the blind so valuable? “A cane can help, but it’s not as great as a fuzzy face and a wet nose,” says one woman in Pick of the Litter, a film that follows a two-year odyssey as puppies train to become dogs with the ultimate responsibility to protect their blind partners from harm.

Our exclusive trailer focuses on a litter of adorable puppies. They are trained by an army of dedicated individuals to do amazing things in service to humans that may change lives, yet not every puppy will qualify as a guide dog. Understandably, the standards are very high, so only the best of the best — the pick of the litter — will make the cut.

Watch the warm and engaging trailer below. Mark your calendars now to see Pick of the Litter when it opens in theaters on August 31.

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