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Exclusive 'Captive State' Clip: I Want a Lawyer

By / Published on Monday, 11 Mar 2019 10:00 AM / Comments Off on Exclusive 'Captive State' Clip: I Want a Lawyer / 11 views

Imprisoned unjustly, Gabriel wants a lawyer. A stern gentleman named Mulligan (John Goodman) must remind Gabriel (Ashton Sanders, Moonlight): “Those days are gone.” As depicted in Captive State, the world has changed completely during 10 years of occupation by an iron-willed alien race known as “The Legislature.” Some humans cooperate, others resist; a revolution is brewing.

In our exclusive clip, we get a sense of the desperation that has spread throughout the world. Gabriel is, clearly, a defiant resistor, someone who cries out for rights that no longer exist. Mulligan, on the other hand, evidently has a different agenda in mind. He seeks to form some sort of partnership with Gabriel, as unwilling as the younger man may be.

Watch the tense clip below. Vera Farmiga also stars. Captive State tickets are now available; get yours today. The thriller opens in theaters on March 15.

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